The Roadside Assistance Benefit is provided by Roadside Protect, Inc. Whenever you need roadside assistance for your vehicle, call our toll-free number twenty-four (24) hours a day and request dispatch service and the Roadside Assistance Administrator will arrange to send help to your disabled vehicle from a participating facility. Roadside Assistance is limited to three (3) assistance events up to $100 per 12 month period.

Covered Expenses

All expenses covered under the Roadside Protect Program are limited to One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) for any single claim and include the following:

Towing - When your vehicle is disabled due to mechanical breakdown, the Roadside Assistance Administrator will arrange for a Roadside Contractor to tow it to the nearest service facility of your choice up to the service expense equivalent of $100. Additional expense will be your responsibility to pay to the towing Roadside Contractor.

Flat Tire Assistance – A flat tire will be changed with your spare tire. If, for any reason, the spare is not usable, the lug nuts cannot be removed or the vehicle has two flat tires with one usable spare, towing will be provided in accordance with the towing provisions.

Fuel Delivery Service – An emergency supply of fuel of up to three (3) gallons will be delivered if your covered vehicle runs out of fuel. You will be responsible for the cost of fuel.

Lock-Out Service – If your keys are locked in the vehicle, assistance will be provided to gain entry into the vehicle. In the event the keys are lost and a replacement key is required, you will be responsible for the total cost of a new key.

Jump Start – Jump start service will be provided to start your vehicle.

Winching/Extraction – If your vehicle is stuck in a ditch, mud or snow, but it is accessible from a normally traveled roadway, service will be given to either tow or winch the vehicle. Dispatch coverage for winching is limited to $100; any expense incurred beyond $100 will be your responsibility to pay to the Roadside Contractor.

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